Automatically grow your product sales on Amazon

Get more sales, more product reviews and increase your organic ranking with automated targeted email campaigns.

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Automated E-mails help lead to more product reviews!

Integrated with Amazon

We are directly integrated into Amazon's Buyer-Seller Messaging system

Global Blacklist

Ensure customers are happy by not sending messages to buyers who opt-out

Increase Number of Product Reviews

Contact your shoppers automatically after their product is delivered to ask for a Product Review. Ensure you reach customers at the right time

Increase Customer Response Rates

Split-test different e-mail templates to increase the number of customers who rate your product.

Choose When E-mails are Sent

Flexible targeting settings ensure you are in control. Choose the exact time when you want e-mails to be sent out.

Detailed Reporting

See how your customers respond to your e-mail messages. Try to increase response rates with different templates.

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Target your customers at the right time

Schedule automated emails to your customers at specific times after your product has been shipped or delivered.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Have a targeted email sent every time you get a refund request. It's important to reduce any negative feedback and ensure you do not miss a return notification.

Keep a high product rating by ensuring you automatically e-mail customers who wish to refund and solving any concerns they have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure trying out Send Dog?
Check out popular questions we get asked all of the time!

Is this service within Amazon’s Terms of Service?

Yes, Send Dog follows the Amazon Terms of Service and our team is working on this product weekly to upgrade our software for any Amazon policy changes.

What marketplaces does Send Dog support?

We currently support the USA marketplace.

Why Send Dog?

We have a dedicated team of developers who ensure your e-mails are sent at the right time. E-mail templates are also updated regularly to try and improve response rates.

Sellers using automated e-mails are able to get more product reviews

Send automated e-mails to your customers for product reviews and boost your organic results on Amazon.

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